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What is a signal generator and how to use it on Red Pitaya?

Signal generators are electronic devices that are used to generate electronic signals with the desired amplitude, shape, and frequency. Commonly seen waveforms are the square wave, sine wave, triangle wave, and pulse wave, among others. Signal generators can be separate devices or integrated into other testing equipment, such as oscilloscopes. Generating signals with specific attributes is important for uses such as designing, testing, diagnosing, and repairing electrical devices.

Red Pitaya Signal Generator

Red Pitaya offers two output channels for generating signals of up to 50MHz, which can be controlled via a web interface from your smartphone, tablet or PC through a dedicated 'Oscilloscope & Signal Generator’ application.

Of course, as a true Swiss Army knife, the signal generator is just one of the many instruments a Red Pitaya can replace. To see what else it can do click here.



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