Digital Electronics based on a Red Pitaya Platform for Coherent Fiber Links

Coherent fiber links are becoming the gold standard for frequency transfer, with recent improvements allowing statistical uncertainty around 10-20 for optical links in the range.

DR-RINS: Digital real-time relative intensity noise suppressor for pump–probe spectroscopy and microscopy

Transient absorption and stimulated Raman scattering microscopy are techniques that sense tiny perturbations to a probe laser beam, induced by a pump beam, to create their images, which makes them.

Testing a new exercise at the JSI TRIGA reactor - Cherenkov radiation-based power meter

A Cherenkov radiation-based power meter was successfully set up at the JSI TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana in the framework of a Master thesis and demonstrated for the first time on 13th April 2021 with.

Canvas - a free graphical DSP design tool for Red Pitaya's FPGA

We are excited to share with you an amazing project by Pau Gómez Kabelka, a PhD student at the Photonic Institute of Barcelona. Canvas is a free graphical DSP (digital signal processing) design tool.

A highly stable monolithic enhancement cavity for second harmonic generation in the ultraviolet range

Modern quantum optics experiments require a broad range of laser frequencies, including for applications outside the highly specialized laboratories with ideal conditions, increasing the demands.

Red Pitaya Logic Analyzer

In this video, M0JPI talks about a logic analyzer, what it is and the different types that exist. If you want to watch his video, scroll down to the bottom of the blog! What's a logic analyzer?

NMR Relaxation Spectrometer Instrument

Laboratory material research is traditionally linked to bulky, high-precision equipment for precise analysis. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to take these devices into the field for.

Red pitaya extension modules

Right out of the box, Red Pitaya is one of the most versatile data acquisition devices, however, the real fun starts when you start using extension modules. 

Is your web interface not updating?

Is your Red Pitaya unit refusing to update?

What makes the Red Pitaya SDRlab perfect tool for SDR?

If you are looking to get into Software Defined Radio, look no further than SDRlab which was developed specifically with this use in mind. It comes with two 16 bit ADCs, 50-ohm inputs and 14-bit.
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