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You can now download Nightly Builds for your Red Pitaya!

The nightly builds are snapshots of the development activity for upcoming Red Pitaya OS releases and include the newest features and bug fixes scheduled for the official releases. These builds are made available to make it easier for users to test their setup for potential issues with an upcoming release or to test new features and provide feedback on ways to improve them before they are released as a Beta OS or Stable version.

We have decided to release the nightly builds to ensure that our codebase stays healthy and to shorten the time that it takes to fix some of the reported issues or implement some new features that were reported as suggestions for improvement.

As these builds are snapshots of the latest code, it is more likely you will encounter an issue compared to the stable releases*. If you have encountered an issue, please report it to so that our developers can review the issue and make any needed fixes.


*Caution: These versions may be unstable and could result in misconfigurations or measurement data loss. We recommend you use them only for testing or in cases where you have reported a bug or requested a feature and our technical staff is instructing you to do so.

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