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Hackathon-In-A-Box kit

Prepare yourself for a transformative hackathon experience! Red Pitaya and DigiKey have joined forces with UCSD's EnVision Maker Studio to introduce the Hackathon-In-A-Box kit, aimed at revolutionizing your hackathon endeavors. This comprehensive kit is designed to streamline your journey towards a successful and hassle-free hackathon, equipping students with all the essential tools required to tackle even the most demanding design projects.

The Hackathon-In-A-Box kit is a tried-and-tested solution that's already left its mark at several university hackathons. Want to get a sneak peek into the world of hackathons with Red Pitaya? Dive into our blog post, A hackathon at UCSD, where we take you behind the scenes of a hackathon experience.

In addition to providing the necessary tools, we go above and beyond by offering guidance from our team of engineers throughout the process. With our extensive documentation, training materials, and real-life examples, we ensure that you have all the resources needed to start off on the right foot and make progress.

The Hackathon-In-A-Box kit goes beyond simply saving you time and effort to plan and organise hackathons. Its purpose is to empower students, make them creative, and provide them with the necessary tools to create something extraordinary. Are you prepared to effortlessly elevate your next hackathon to new heights?

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