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Why you should think about having a remote engineering lab?

Let’s go back to January of 2020, when everybody thought that this will be just another year full of usual worries and everyday challenges. Instead, we soon faced a world pandemic which truly challenged us in ways we were never challenged before. Companies around the world were forced to work remotely and students were unable to attend their classes as usual. Tools that were once just additional commodities now became crucial to successful operation of the economy.

Universities were especially challenged in this period since in-person classes were no longer possible, and professors had to find new ways of teaching their class in an effective manner. Many professors in universities around the world found that the tools they were using are no longer useful as they cannot be remotely controlled, and they were no longer the optimal choice for their laboratories.

Why is it so important to have a remote engineering lab you might think?

The remote engineering laboratory system should provide more practical training to a larger number of students, as well as allowing each student to work simultaneously from their own device and follow the examples set by the professor.

Red Pitaya is very easy to use due to its free of charge WEB applications that come with the device itself, therefore users don't need to install anything on their computers, all is needed is a WEB browser and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, even without the current COVID situation, remote engineering labs are looking to overcome current limitations such as the lack of economic resources, the consequent insufficiency of laboratory equipment, and the limited flexibility of laboratory scheduling.

Therefore, we truly see a lot of benefits of having a remote engineering lab – COVID situation or not. This will decrease the overall costs of your laboratory equipment and will make your classroom preparation time shorter.

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