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Simple SDR projects you can do at home

To wrap up our SDR week here at Red Pitaya, we prepared a list of simple projects you can do with your Red Pitaya board. For a full list of use cases click here.

SDR transceiver compatible with HPSDR

The High Performance Software Defined Radio (HPSDR) project is an open source hardware and software project that develops a modular Software Defined Radio (SDR) for use by radio amateurs and short wave listeners. This version of the Red Pitaya SDR transceiver makes it usable with the software developed by the HPSDR project and other SDR programs that support the HPSDR/Metis communication protocol.

Weak signal propagation reporter (WSPR)

WSPR is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The program is designed for sending and receiving low-power transmissions to test propagation paths on the MF and HF bands.

Skimmer server to skim 8 bands simultaneously at 192 KHz. CW & RTTY Skimmer Server captures all CW & RTTY spots on eight bands simultaneously and can optionally send this data to online central database Reverse Beacon Network, which includes a mapping facility.

High-order Nyquist Zones

At this year Software Defined Radio Academy SDRA2020, Edwin Richter from smartradioconcepts presented principle of using higher-order Nyquist Zones with Direct Sampling Devices with the practical examples (practical results from measurements with SDRlab 122-16) and discusses filtering required to make use of these Nyquist zones. Watch the whole video here.

Did you get all the information you needed? If not please email us at and we'd love to keep the discussion going  :) Know everything there is to know and you're ready to start your SDR adventure? START NOW.



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