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The new OS release for STEMlab & SDRlab

Today we have great news to share with you! The new Red Pitaya Beta OS 1.04-6 for STEMlab 125-14, 125-10 & SDRlab 122-16 models is now available. Read on for more information and scroll down to download it for free!

What is new?

  • The streaming application was improved. One of the main features is that users can now exactly know when and which samples are lost due to throughput problems or limitations.
  • The watchdog was implemented for Linux and WEB applications. In case of fatal error or lost connection, the device will always return to its previous operational state 
  • A calibration app was implemented that simplifies device DC calibration
  • Other general improvements and updates

Notice that full SD card installation is required and it is recommended to clear the browser cache after installation.

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