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The newest OS release / April 2022

Hello Pitayans,

today we’ve got some great news for you!  

We’ve just released a new Red Pitaya Beta OS for STEMlab 125-14/10, STEMlab 125-14 Z7020 Low Noise, SDRlab 122-16 & SIGNALlab 250-12. 

 What’s new?  

  • a burst generation mode has been added to the WEB oscilloscope app
  • SCPI now supports commands to communicate over I2C, UART, and SPI buses available on a Red Pitaya external connector
  • support has been added for RTL8188EU chipset Wi-Fi dongles (e.g. Edimax EW-7811Un V2)
  • other bug fixes and improvements 
    • SA cursor step issues fixed
    • burst mode issues fixed
    • SCPI examples and updates to documentation

You can get the new Beta OS for free from here: 

Note that full SD card installation is required, and it’s recommended to clear the browser cache after installation.  

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