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The new 2.00 Beta OS release

We are thrilled to announce the release of the brand new Red Pitaya 2.00 Beta operating system. The latest version is compatible with all Red Pitaya models and boasts of numerous features that are sure to enhance your user experience.

What is new?   


  • Unification of the SD card image - from now on there will be single SD card image that can be run/supports all Red Pitaya models
  • Update of Ubuntu Linux to version 22.04 
  • Upgrading to Uboot 2022.1
  • Transition to the Xilinx 2022.1 kernel (5.15.0)
  • Switching to python 3.10.6
  • Added support for modules for the system kernel
  • Added streaming clients to the build for the desktop version 


  • Completely refactoring of API for all boards. 
  • Added board profile API
  • Added calibration API - calibration mechanism was redesigned, but backward compatibility remains
  • Improved console applications with migration to new API
  • Multi-channel acquisition API & SCPI support 

WEB apps 

  • Added WebConsole app that provides users access to Linux console through Red Pitaya WEB interface 
  • Added a Logic analyzer app support for 122-16 
  • Added support for Pavel Demin’s sdr_receiver_hpsdr, sdr_transceiver_hpsdr 
  • Switch from Jupyter to JupyterLab 
  • Oscilloscope code refactring and bug fixes
  • Spectrum analyzer bug fixes
  • LCR meter bug fixes
  • Unification of Streaming app - now there is one image for both master and slave boards 

Notice that full SD card installation is required and it is recommended to clear the browser cache after installation. 

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