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Red Pitaya introductory workshop at Technical University of Munich

Red Pitaya in collaboration with Mouser electronics recently hosted a workshop to introduce students to the world of Arduino and Red Pitaya. The workshop began with some basic Arduino exercises, which included controlling a servo motor using pulse-width modulation (PWM). This exercise allowed students to gain hands-on experience with the fundamentals of microcontroller programming.

The second part of the workshop introduced students to Red Pitaya, a powerful and versatile test and measurement tool that can be used for a wide range of applications. The Red Pitaya was used to measure the PWM signal that the Arduino was generating. This exercise gave students an introduction to the concept of test and measurement, allowing them to measure the signals they were generating and observe the effects of their code on the electrical signal.

The workshop was a great success, with students learning valuable skills that they can apply to future projects and experiments. The hands-on nature of the exercises helped to bring the concepts to life, and combining the simplicity of Arduino and the capability Red Pitaya provided a powerful platform for experimentation and exploration.

Red Pitaya is committed to supporting education and fostering the next generation of engineers and innovators. Workshops like these are just one way that Red Pitaya is helping to inspire and equip the engineers of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more exciting events and workshops in collaboration with Mouser Electronics!

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