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Red Pitaya is nominated for Electronics Industry Awards 2022

The Electronics Industry Awards is back for 2022 to celebrate the very best professionals, products, projects and companies from across the electronics sector.

Now in its fifth year, the awards scheme quickly established itself as a key event on the industry calendar and an Electronics Industry Award trophy now represents a truly unique stamp of approval – separating the winners from their competitors and opening up doors for new business opportunities.

The organisers look forward to giving professionals from across the electronics field a chance to celebrate their collective achievements and rewarding market leaders from across the blossoming sector at the Electronics Industry Awards ceremony – further details to be announced in due course.

At Red Pitaya, we are proud to announce our nomination in two different categories - Test measurement & inspection product of the year and Academic support.

In the Test measurement & inspection product of the year, Red Pitaya is competing with its new STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System. The newest product was created as a direct response by our community which requested multi-channel signal generation and acquisition. Red Pitaya's X-Channel streaming software provides the ability to stream analog and digital signals to client PCs from several Red Pitaya devices simultaneously, with a synchronized clock and trigger among all the Red Pitayas in the system.

Creating free teaching material, e-books and video lessons landed Red Pitaya as a candidate for the Academic support award. Additionally, we have offered a free trial to professors and students around the world, with which they can try out our STEMlab 125-10 board completely for free for six months. More than 10 students with the best project ideas have borrowed a Red Pitaya board, and are working on some amazing projects with it.

And now the most important part - you can now VOTE for Red Pitaya in both categories via this link >>

We are immensely grateful for all your support and we hope to continue our mission of empowering engineers around the world.


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