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The new 2.00-23 Beta OS release

We are announcing that our newest OS update has just been released! The latest version is compatible with all Red Pitaya models and boasts of numerous features that are sure to enhance your user experience. Read on to discover more about our newest OS version.

What is new in 2.00-23 Beta OS?


  • Support for old board models


  • Possibility to acquire >256MB of ADC data into DDR (Example of use)
  • Multi-channel acquisition/generation synchronization through SATA connectors or external triggers
  • New SCPI commands added (SCPI time, board identifier, synchronization, and DDR acquisition)
  • SCPI server updated to the latest version
  • Added python wrapper for RP API
  • Other bug fixes and general improvements

WEB apps

  • 125-14 4 Input oscilloscope traces and trigger issues are fixed
  • Fixed trigger position in oscilloscope app
  • Fixed waterfall and zoom mode in SA app
  • Added smooth mode in oscilloscope app
  • Refactoring UI of oscilloscope app
  • Released WEB apps’ source code
  • Logic analyzer bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes and general improvements



*Notice that full SD card installation is required and it is recommended to clear browser cache after installation.

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