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Low-pass filter measurements using Red Pitaya

First off, I needed to check which software was well suited for filter analysis. On this occasion I settled for the ‘Frequency Response Analyzer’.
Output 1 of the Red Pitaya was swept over the full frequency range. I fed these signals into the circuit and on the output I measured the result using Input 1 of the Red Pitaya.
Next I performed the filter test for the 20 Meter band. Everything was connected as described above.

The result was really not so bad, although the undulating undershoots disturbed me. These came about because the filter was not terminated with the necessary 50 ohms.

Better result

A better result was achieved after I terminated the filter with a grounded 50 ohm resistor.

Here you can see the filter curve of the 30 meter low-pass filter with the 50 ohm resistor.


This looks so much better and I’m very pleased with the result.
At the first harmonic around 20 MHz the filter displays an attenuation of around 30 dB.

Want to perform your own measurements?

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Who is Michael Reichardt?

Michael Reichardt is a radio amateur from Gütersloh in Germany. His Callsign is DL2YMR and he writes a blog about Hamradio and Photography at:

He likes to build gear by himself. And he likes to play around with things like Red Pitaya, Raspberry Pi, etc. to include them in his radio hobby.

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