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Evaluation kit for CMUTs

The customer evaluation kit (CEK CMUT Rev02) developed by Fraunhofer IPMS, allows customers to evaluate Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) in a controlled setting. It includes an analog front-end, a microcontroller board, basic control software, and one or two probes with CMUT devices. The kit enables specification-compliant CMUT applications and performance assessments. Its advantages include design flexibility, high sensitivity at low voltages, integration into CMOS technology, impedance matching in fluids and air, RoHS conformity, and cost efficiency in high-volume production. Applications range from distance measurement to ultrasound microscopy. Fraunhofer IPMS also offers small series and pilot production of CMUTs, facilitating the development of custom sensor devices.

The CEK CMUT Rev02 includes an analog front-end for generating transmitter signals within CMUT frequency and voltage ranges, providing high sensitivity and resolution. It features ESD protection for connected CMUTs and uses a commercially available microcontroller board for analog-to-digital conversion and front-end control. Accessible via a basic web application, the system supports an Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi connection.

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CMUTs transmit and receive ultrasonic waves. In transmit mode, an AC pulse deflects the membrane to emit waves at resonance frequency. In receive mode, the membrane deflects, changing electrode capacitance. This variation generates an AC current, converted to a measuring voltage. The kit includes one or two CMUT probes, analog front-end, microcontroller (Red Pitaya® starter kit), and control software (SDK optional). No additional parts are required.

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