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Customize your Red Pitaya

Are you an industry member? Loving Red Pitaya as a product but it doesn't quite fit your needs? We have an answer for you!

With our team of engineers with extensive knowledge, we can offer consulting expertise and customization options in technologically demanding fields like MedTech, IoT, smart cities, telecommunications, aerospace, and university research.  Our solutions include hardware and embedded software design, rapid prototyping, product development, and certification assistance. We’ve previously worked with NASA, Siemens, and Bosch with customization projects where Red Pitaya was integrated and customized specifically for client’s needs.

If you are an OEM partner also don’t miss this opportunity to incorporate Red Pitaya as a part of your solution or as a stand-alone product. What makes Red Pitaya special is the programmable logic or field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA). With on-chip FPGA Red Pitaya could be used for high-performance computing, state-of-the-art measurement system, signal processing, and much more. Having both a Linux-based processing system and programmable logic Red Pitaya is an ideal board for introduction to the FPGA programming and ultimately for building powerful professional and non-professional projects such as radar, radio systems, vector-network-analyzer, etc.

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