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Red Pitaya's 2022 roadmap update

Our team of engineers is constantly working on creating new versions of the products, as well as completely new product launches which will satisfy the wide range of demands our customers have. We have recently launched a customer survey that helped us get a sense of what you want to see in the future and here's a short overview of what we are currently working on.

We are currently preparing a new OS release, coming in Q2, that will include:

  • support for Edimax v2 dongle
  • SCPI digital interfaces support
  • improved burst generator 

We are also working on a completely new product launch, a much anticipated STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System. STEMlab 125-14 X-channel system consists of multiple STEMlab 125-14 devices that are modified and come with synchronization cables and software that supports multi-channel RF signal acquisition and generation. We are estimating the product launch in Q2 of this year.

Additionally, we are developing a multi-channel streaming application and STEMlab 125-14 4-Inputs product development in Q3 of 2022.

 You might be wondering what comes in the future? In the second half of the year, we are planning a major maintenance update for RP OS (upgrade to latest Ubuntu, Python etc.) and support for a larger acquisition buffer.

 Stay tuned to see what's to come, we are very excited about all new updates and projects!

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