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A guide to Red Pitaya's 2022 Black Friday sale

Black Friday has become a period of frenzy shopping and overcrowded shops. We believe it is also an opportunity to purchase some products that you have been eyeing for a long time at an affordable price point.

It's no secret that Red Pitaya prepares some great deals for Black Friday each year, but this year we think we have really outdone ourselves. In order to help you shop more efficiently, we have prepared a short guide to this year's Red Pitaya Black Friday sale. 

1. For all the radio amateurs and engineers dealing with advanced RF applications

We are proud to say that all our SDRlab 122-16 products are now 25% off. SDRlab 122-16 was developed specifically for software-defined radio and more demanding RF applications. It comes with two 16-bit 50-ohm inputs and 14-bit 50-ohm outputs, Xilinx Zynq 7020 FPGA for real-time processing capabilities plus an ultra-low phase noise 122.88MHz clock which makes it more hardware-compatible with HPSDR compliant applications. RF inputs are optimized for minimal distortion, noise and crosstalk which significantly improves reception and broadens the choice of antenna. Read more about SDRlab 122-16 here.

2. For the advanced engineer

The STEMlab 125-14 is our best-selling product and we are not surprised, as it is the most versatile and affordable tool out there. This Black Friday, we are offering a 20% discount on STEMlab 125-14 Ultimate Kit. The ultimate kit includes everything you will need for your most advanced project, including: Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14 board, SD card (16GB, class 10), Ethernet cable (1m), Power supply (5V, 2A), Aluminium case, Logic analyzer extension module,  LCR meter board and accessories, 2x osciloscope probes, 2x SMA to BNC adapter, 2x 50 ohm termination, 2x SMA T adapter and a WiFi dongle.STEMlab-125-14-Ultimate-kit

Read more about STEMlab 125-14 here.

3. New on the market

Red Pitaya's most recent development is the STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System and it is now available at a 5% discount!

STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System is designed for applications that require multi-channel RF signal acquisition and generation. It enables the user to stream analog and digital signals from/to client’s PC.  X-Channel System consists of multiple STEMlab 125-14 devices that are modified and come with synchronization cables and software that supports multi-channel streaming of RF analog and digital, input and output signals from/to client PC. STEMlab-125-14-X-Channel-Perspektiva-1

We hope this guide helped you get an idea of some great deals that are currently available on our website. Don't forget that the sale is valid until 27 November or until stocks last! For any questions about the purchase, don't hesitate to contact us at

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