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Red Pitaya products price increase

Dear Red Pitaya reader,

as you might know, the components market is raging, and we are sadly not immune to the effects. Due to the negative changes, we have to increase the price of some of our products to keep offering you the quality you expect and deserve.

Since the price of components has recently increased, we are forced to also increase the price of most STEMlab 125-14 kits. Here's what you need to know:

- The prices will be increased by 10-20%, depending on the product

- You can still shop the products at current prices until the end of October

- The price change affects all orders placed after 1 November 2021

- Everything else stays the same

We know this sucks and we're here to address your concerns. Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions!

Thanks for understanding and best regards,

Red Pitaya Engineering team

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