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Red Pitaya knowledge base e-book

When it comes to teaching tools for electrical engineering and programming, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tool better than Red Pitaya. Because we are trying to show students that learning the basics of electronics and FPGA programming doesn't have to be difficult, we prepared an exclusive e-book for the Electrical circuits course. The e-book includes examples, equations, video explanations and makes it easy for students to follow along.

If you'd like to spend less time preparing for class and more time enjoying, download this exclusive e-book for free! 📖The book includes easy-to-follow examples and even video explanations. 

2022_Knowledge base e-book-3

The e-book consists of 10 lessons and they cover the basics of circuits and electronics:

1. Resistors and Kirchhoff's laws

2. Transient response

3. Analog filters

4. Operational amplifiers

5. Active filters

6. Superposition

7. Analog addition and subtraction

8. Diodes

9. Full wave rectifiers

10. Schmitt triggers

11. Function generators

12. Pulse width modulation

13. Digital to analog converter

Still not sure? Here's our explanation why Red Pitaya is a great choice for academia:

Our FPGA- powered boards can not only replace most of the equipment found in electrical engineering laboratories for a fraction of the cost but also empower students to work on their projects and take the first steps towards becoming real engineers. This simplicity, together with Red Pitaya’s small size and accessible price, makes it the perfect take-home lab kit for students to use in the safety of their homes. Red Pitaya also offers great remote control support since Red Pitaya can be controlled with many web applications including MATLAB, LabVIEW, Scilab, and Python.

Download the e-book now.
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