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The Red Pitaya Click boards

We already announced the upcoming launch of our new product, which we manufactured in collaboration with MikroE. Today you are about to learn what Click boards are, how to connect them and how they work.

What are The Red Pitaya Click boards?

Click boards™ save developers time by eliminating the need to design new boards for testing ideas or concepts. They offer tested and affordable hardware, backed by FREE libraries and technical support, simplifying integration and upgrades.


MikroElektronika's MikroBUS™ Adapter click boards™ revolutionize functionality addition to development boards. Users can easily insert a click board into the innovative MikroBUS™ standard socket with zero hardware configuration.


Uniform connection interface mikroBus™

To enable hundreds of Click boards™ to be connected to the microcontroller or microprocessor we have invented socket standard - mikroBUS. This uniform connection interface is allowing you to connect any Click board to a main board instantly. The standard specifies the physical layout of the mikroBUS™ pinout, the communication and power supply pins located on the main board as well as the matching pinout on the Click board itself.


Standardized size and shape

Click boards™ are a modular prototyping add-on board standard which revolutionizes the way users add new functionalities to development boards. They come in different flavours, however, the standard specifies the size and shape of the add-on boards as well as the silkscreen used. The majority of Click boards™ are made to address one functionality and feature - one part per board, this allows you fast and easy evaluation of technology or comparison of parts at any time.


Plug and Play

By sharing the same standardized pin-out, mikroBUS (host) and Click boards (peripheral) are enabling you to evaluate, prototype and develop ideas in minutes without losing additional time on the hardware setup. This plug and play concept allows you not to worry about hardware and just focus on what matters, your idea!


Supporting Resources

  • 3500+Libstock Code - Pre-made libraries, examples and detailed documentation – you don’t need to write code from scratch. You can download all of the Click board™ libraries on LibStock, our code repository.
  • Simplified development, maximized efficiency - mikroSDK makes application code portable, and reusable on many different platforms and architectures, with virtually no code changes.
  • Click Cloud - The Click Cloud solution provides all the shortcuts you’ll need to reach proof of concept, prototype, or MVP in the shortest period of time.
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