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Extension module compatible vith Grove modules from Seeed

Whether you want to measure temperature, vibration, movement -or more- we have developed a new extension module compatible with Grove modules from Seeed®.

The module facilitates the quick connection of different sensors and actuators to the Red Pitaya. All you need is to select the desired module, find the correct connector and get going with your project. The Extension module, together with the Grove modules are compatible with the new Visual Programing Interface. Using the interface, all of the digital and analog data(values) from the Grove sensors are directly translated into measurements of temperature, humidity and so on. Also the pin markings on the Extension module are correlated with the pin naming in Visual Programing. On the Extension module we have also placed Arduino shields headers.

The headers enable you to directly connect a variety of different Arduino Uno shields. You can find a wide range of Arduino Uno shields for all sorts of projects, so just find your desired shield and plug it into the extension module. For this, unlike using Grove modules you will need to read raw data from the analog or digital pins using the “Red Pitaya” section in the Visual Programing Interface. The Extension module can be powered from the external power supply via a micro usb connector. A set of nine JUMPERS is used for reconnecting certain extension module connectors to different E1* or E2* pins or changing power supply settings. For example: With Jumper 2 you can set your voltage level (VCC) on Extension module to be 5V or 3.3V. With J1 and J3 you can set source of VCC- external or from Red Pitaya. The Extension module, basically, is nothing more than expanded Red Pitaya’s extension connectors E1 and E2, so there is no reason not to use it for different approaches like through SCPI or API-s. A full schematic of the Extension module is available on our web page. Don’t forget to check our videos with examples.

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