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Portable Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

A portable Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) system has been developed with Red Pitaya STEMlab for biomedical applications. The Red Pitaya STEMlab is a portable device to realize voltage generation and data acquisition for the EIT system. The EIT system includes a modified howland circuit as a voltage controlled current source (VCCS), a high speed analogy multiplexer module, 8-electrode array and a personal computer. The Generalized Vector Sampled Pattern Matching (GVSPM) algorithm and the Tikhonov (TK) regularization algorithm are used to reconstruct the image generated by the EIT system.

The reconstructed images by using Red Pitaya STEMlab are compared with a commercial impedance analyzer IM3570 within frequencies of f = 100 KHz. The results show that the maximum difference of the image correlation between Red Pitaya STEMlab and IM3570 is 5.36%. Finally, the EIT system are used to image the conductivity of eggs during heating process. These results verified that the developed portable EIT system with Red Pitaya STEMlab could measure the biological tissue in a high accuracy at low cost. 


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