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New HAMlab products for radio amateurs

At Red Pitaya we recently added some new products which are intended for Radio Amateurs. We are happy to present our Premium Transceiver kit which includes Red Pitaya's SDRlab 16 and a RX Preselector. This kit is intended for people who would like an high-end SDR TRX with very good performance, using SDRlab 122.88-16. The SDRlab 122.88-16 functionality will continue to be accessible on the frontpanel. This kit comes completely cabled and tested including SDRlab 122.88-16.

This kit also includes one RX preselector for RX Channel 1. In today's harsh environment this option is a must for everyone looking for best possible RX experience.

Presented above is the premium kit with the SDRlab 16 board and the RX Preselector but we do have other kits available here.

At this point we would also like to refer you to the ultimate radio amateur guide which you might find useful.

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