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The new X-Channel System

Dear Red Pitaya reader,

 we recently announced the release of the new STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System and received a lot of interesting feedback from our community.

We learned about many applications that future users plan to integrate the Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System into, such as:

  • medical and industrial imaging (MRI and ultrasound systems),
  • multichannel DAQ systems,
  • nondestructive testing,
  • RADAR/LIDAR beamformer,
  • phased array antennas,
  • the readout of scientific multichannel detectors like those used for flow cytometry detectors, and
  • multi-channel SDR receivers.

Does this leave you wondering – Would X-Channel streaming be useful for any of my applications too? 🤔

 Well...X-Channel streaming is suitable for applications that require multiple acquisitions or generation channels.

Red Pitaya’s X-Channel streaming software provides the ability to stream analog and digital signals to client PCs from several Red Pitaya devices simultaneously, with a synchronized clock and trigger among all the Red Pitayas in the system.

Streaming can be done in both directions. Users can thus stream the analog and digital signals acquired from Red Pitaya devices to a client computer, or stream analog and digital signals from the client to the Red Pitaya devices’ outputs.

The X-channel streaming software also provides the ability to control streaming completely remotely from client PCs.

We are very happy to announce that STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System is now available for purchase* here!

* Due to high demand and difficulties in the component market the lead time for this product is currently 8 weeks.

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