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Red Pitaya Visits ZalaZONE: Bridging Industry and Academia with Innovative Technology

In May, Red Pitaya visited the ZalaZONE Research and Technology Center in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. This event was a big step forward in our mission to connect industry and academia, and we are excited to share the highlights of our visit.


Tour of ZalaZONE

Our day at ZalaZONE started with a tour of the facility, where we saw the latest research and technology being developed. The tour gave us a full overview of ZalaZONE's capabilities, including their modern testing grounds for self-driving cars, new research projects, and advanced engineering solutions. This experience set the stage for our later sessions and showed how important teamwork between students and industry is in advancing technology.


Introduction for Industry Participants

After the tour, we had an introduction session for industry professionals. People from various sectors gathered to learn what Red Pitaya boards are and how they can be used in industrial settings. The session began with a presentation that explained how Red Pitaya's tools can improve processes, enhance measurement accuracy, and encourage innovation in industrial applications.

We were happy to see a lot of interest and involvement from the participants. They valued the insights into how Red Pitaya devices can fit into their existing workflows to boost efficiency and accuracy, which we showcased through a comprehensive use case presentation. The interactive Q&A session that followed allowed for a deeper discussion of specific industry challenges and how Red Pitaya could solve them.

Practical Workshop: Measuring Op Amps with Red Pitaya

Following the introduction for those who work in the industry, we transitioned to a hands-on workshop focused on measuring operational amplifiers (op amps) with a Red Pitaya device. This session was designed for students and educators, aiming to provide practical, real-world experience with our tools. Each pair of participants was equipped with a Red Pitaya board and an Op-Amp Experimenter Board, ready to dive into the experiment. The workshop began with a brief tutorial on the basics of op amps and their significance into the experiment


The workshop began with a brief tutorial on the basics of op amps and their significance in various electronic applications. The participants then proceeded to measure the characteristics of different op amps using a Red Pitaya board. The intuitive interface and powerful measurement capabilities of the device made the process seamless, allowing the participants to obtain accurate and reliable data.

Using the oscilloscope application on the Red Pitaya board, the participants measured the gain of the op-amp board. This practical approach helped them understand how to use a Red Pitaya device for real-time data acquisition and analysis. The Red Pitaya team made demonstrations and helped the students with the practical part, but the participants could also find written instructions, explanations, and results in our knowledgebase, encouraging them to try and conduct the measurements themselves.


Programming a Red Pitaya Board for Automated Measurements

One of the key highlights of the workshop was the programming session, where students learned how to automate measurements using a Red Pitaya board. This segment aimed to demonstrate the flexibility and programmability of the device, enabling users to tailor it to their specific needs.

Under the guidance of our expert team, the participants used Python and Jupyter Notebooks to automate the measurement process. They followed the tutorial to calculate the gain of the op-amp and find the -3dB point. This hands-on experience not only enhanced their understanding of the technology, but also sparked creative ideas for future projects and applications.


Looking Ahead

The visit to ZalaZONE was a great success, leaving us inspired and looking forward to future collaborations. The enthusiasm and curiosity shown by both industry professionals and students reinforced our belief in the power of Red Pitaya to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

We extend our sincere thanks to the organizers at ZalaZONE for their warm hospitality, excellent facilities and other arrangements. We are excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Red Pitaya as we continue to support the next generation of engineers and innovators.

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