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World Amateur Radio Day 2023

A whole year has rolled around, and we are celebrating World Amateur Radio Day again with you!

On this day we celebrate the international amateur radio union which was formed in Paris in 1925 when early experimenters discovered the advantages of short waves. Today, there are over 3,000,000 licensed operators, organized in strong communities. They range from radio propagation studies and radio contesting to technical experimentation and even education. This year, Human Security for All, HS4A, is the theme of World Amateur Radio Day. For the first time, the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science is partnering with IARU in a campaign to highlight the role that amateur radio plays in addressing the world’s most pressing needs.

Are you a seasoned radio amateur? Or are you warming up to become one? Red Pitaya has proven to be the ideal tool for every radio amateur. We have already seen countless interesting projects using Red Pitaya, and it can certainly help you as well.

On this special occasion, Red Pitaya is offering a 20% discount on all SDR labs*.  Hurry up, why miss out?

Are you already using this unique tool?

Please share your story with us and our community! Connect via Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter, tell us a little something about your project, and let’s celebrate World Amateur Radio Day together. We are already looking forward to your interesting stories!

*offer is valid from 18-23 April 2023

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