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4 (Simple) DIY Project You Can Do With Red Pitaya

We believe in empowering individuals to conduct their own education, discover their own inspiration, and share their ideas with other passionate people. As of today, Red Pitaya has become an essential tool for many makers around the world.But where to start? Obviously nobody becomes an engineer overnight. So we prepared 4 simple projects that you can do with Red Pitaya and hopefully learn some basic engineering skills along the way.

1. Blinking LED

Were you thinking about syncing your Christmas tree to your favorite tune? You will need some LED lights blinking. A lot of them. Blinking LED was our first experiment with Red Pitaya’s Visual Programming. And there was a good reason for that. It gives you some fundamental insights about Visual Programming and it’s a perfect test to see whether your interface is working properly, or not. What is easier than turning a light on and off?

2. Buzzer Buzz

How often do you forget where you parked a car? Probably not very often, but in case you do, you can set up a Buzzer Buzz to hear where it is. Buzzer Buzz can be useful for a wide array of experiments and we will use it later on for our alarm project. If the blinking LED was a visual indicator, with the Buzzer Buzz, we get a sound indicator too. Ours was pretty loud. How loud can you make it?

3. PIR Motion Sensor

We see motion sensors everywhere. And motion sensors see us. When we go to the bank, our local store, even our hairdresser’s salon probably has one installed. It’s because they’re useful. In previous experiments we only used the indicators, but this experiment uses a sensor for the first time. So, where do you want your motion sensor to be installed?

4. Alarm

You don’t want to see other people in your bedroom? Maybe somewhere else? Set up a simple alarm, which is actually a combination of previous experiments. When you set up an alarm you will want to have a motion sensor to detect a person in your bedroom. Secondly, you want an alarm to make a loud sound to scare people away, and – to make it even more dramatic – a blinking light.

Do you want to create similar project? Red Pitaya makes real engineers.


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